How to launch a product in 3,264 easy-to-follow steps

How to launch a product in 3,264 easy-to-follow steps

Let’s get a little bit of humblebragging out of the way first. The launch went better than we’d hoped, with multiple demos booked in for next week and some very hot leads being discussed. The beta-partner offer has proven popular. Plus there was a company first for us, inbound inquiries from adverts. The Box (Hopper’s parent company) had never advertised before, so this was a real thrill when the first request for a demo from an advert arrived.

Now that’s out of the way, here’s what we’ve learned on how to launch a product in 3,264 steps. Strap in…

  • 1. Accept that things are not going to go to plan. Our original launch date was February this year. So become a Taoist and ‘be the water, not the rock’ and be fluid with how things play out. The world isn’t dancing to your tune and things are going to go wonky at points. That’s life.
  • 2. Bootstrap and build that product. Test the hell out of it and approach friendly customers to try it out and feedback on it.
  • 3. Understand the competition. What are you doing differently… focus on that!
  • 4. Create the brand. Stand out, but don’t be weird.
  • 5. Bash out a website (The Hopper one was the 3rd iteration before we were all finally happy)
  • 6. Get a 60″ promo videos (we made 3 but we have the luxury of in-house talent).  Don’t be cheap, it’ll damage your image. If you can’t afford it, park it for now.
  • 7. You’re going to need adverts (15 animated social media friendly animated ads, or still images at the very least)
  • 8. Appoint someone the social media expert. They’ll hate you for it. Then have a Social media schedule plan to run ads for the next few months after launch (You’ll need multiple channels setup, cover all bases). Share blogging duties amongst the team, it’s only fair.
  • 9. Make a presentation deck for face-to-face meetings. Make sure it’s on-brand.
  • 10. Work out a 15-minute demo script and practice it for demos via video-conference.
  • 11. Have your software demo ready and tested before you have a customer. Don’t rely on untested demos. That a surefire way to blow a lead.
  • 12. Drink tea, copious amounts of tea.
  • 13. Launch it with an offer of some kind. Preferably one that doesn’t cost you too much, you’ve invested enough already!
  • 14. Run a little countdown on social media for the last 3 days. Keep it under wraps though, it’s nice to have a little bit of mystery about you.

I forget what the other 3000+ points are… let’s skip to the end.

  • 3,261. Launch day, get in early. Switch on the site and take off your ‘launch’ hat, and pop on your ‘sales’ hat!
  • 3,262. Remember to thank the team around you, they made it happen.
  • 3,263. Congratulations, everything is in place and is running smoothly, sit back and watch the sales flood in….. or not.
  • 3,264. Don’t panic! Remember, be the water. Launches happen rarely so enjoy the moment, and see where it all leads. Just keep on pushing things forward, it’s going to take time but you’re on your way.

Finally, let’s finish with some gushing thanks to all the well-wishers and messages of support and likes you sent us yesterday. It meant a lot to us and it’s all too easy in the digital age to forget that there are real people out there.  It’s even better to find out that they’re rooting for you!