Hopper Launch

Hopper Launch


After a lot of blood, sweat and tears we’re thrilled to launch Hopper to the world today!

Hopper is a marketing, sales, and comms video communication platform that can send highly personalised videos to tens of thousands of recipients – either via our email system or connected to your own CRM tool.

Because the videos are personalised they’re proven to engage, and can outperform standard email by 2X – 5X. On a recent campaign we sent 12k personalised videos, and got over twice the performance of their standard email marketing.

Hopper started out many years ago as a way for our parent company – THE BOX – to send out personalised videos to people we wanted to work with. We would manually make and send the personalised videos in batches of 10, track to see who watched them, and follow up with a call. It proved to be a big hit and companies started to buy personalised video as a service. Now after developing and fully automating the platform, it’s capable of creating highly personalised videos in the tens of thousands daily.

So, with the advent of ‘personalisation’ being the buzzword for marketing, and video being the highest performing communication medium; as a combination of the two, Hopper should appeal to anyone in sales, marketing or internal communications.

To celebrate our launch we’re looking for beta partners who’ll get to use Hopper for 6 months free. Interested? Check out our page on Beta Partners here.