Free Hopper for charities

Free Hopper for charities

I met with the rather brilliant ‘friend of Hopper’ Rob Day earlier this week and we had this little exchange.

Rob: “Who do you want to use Hopper?”

Me: “a mixture of businesses and charities. Get a few businesses onboard first and then see if we can find some charities who could use it for free later.”

The charities idea originally came about after meeting with the inspirational Mel of Electric Putty

Rob: “Why wait till later for the charities?”

Good point, Rob! There’s no need to wait so we’re putting it out there now.

We’re looking for 3 charities who’ll get to use the Hopper platform for free.

That means no license fee or costs for each video Hopper makes and sends out.

It could be a personalised thank-you video to fund-raisers. Or a clarion call to help raise funds again to the charity’s members.

We can repurpose your existing video if you have one, or we could make a video from scratch (although you would need to fund that).

So if you’re interested, get in touch, or share it across your networks. Let’s find the 3 charities for 2018, and make a difference.

Click here and fill in the form so we know more about you, and be sure to mention you want it for free.