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Let's get personal

Create masses of motivated customers with personalised video

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Stand out by applying the personal touch to video content

The results are attention-grabbing and can lead to an increase in performance from 2X - 5X or more compared to other methods of communication.

Stand Out

Grab your audience from the get-go with a personal approach.


Attention-grabbing, relevant videos motivate your audience.


Refine campaigns to get the best results.

How it Works

  1. 1. Content

    Start from scratch, or use an existing video. Hopper can work with anything from animation to film.

  2. 2. Personalisation

    We create areas within the video that can be personalised. Text, images, audio, or structure.

  3. 3. Connect

    We connect it to your data source.

  4. 4. Send

    An on-brand email with personalised thumbnail is sent, or we connect it to a platform via our API.

  5. 5. Engage

    Viewers are taken to an on-brand landing page to watch their personalised video on any device, before being encouraged to use a call to action.

  6. 6. Analyse

    Every video is tracked and reports are created for each campaign, making it easy to identify who is engaging.


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Hopper was created at THE BOX Animation & Video Studio in response to increasing requests for personalised videos. The BOX creates compelling content for global brands including: